Our Founder

Walker A. Williams (1940-2017)

In 2007, Walker A. Williams founded Leadership Africa USA (now Leadership Global), a 501c3 non-profit, tax-exempt, non-governmental organization that provides quality leadership training opportunities, empowers African youth, and promotes private-public partnerships among local strategic players to achieve sustainable peace and democracy throughout the African continent.

Throughout his life, Walker made strides as an effective and enthusiastic advocate for countries, groups, and individuals which were underrepresented before his involvement. He was a pioneer who built platforms upon which others could stand and constructed an entire generation of entrepreneurs, heads of government and social justice leaders. Walker championed the causes of Africa and the Caribbean and their diaspora communities. He recognized the importance that real leadership must play in African and Caribbean politics for those regions to develop sustainably.

But what eclipses all of this was his humility, kindness and his devotion to supporting his strong network of colleagues and friends that defines his legacy. It is his kindness which to this day continues to define the profound loss his passing had on those of us whose lives he touched. Words alone cannot describe Walker, but the memories of how he treated people and touched lives give a brief glimpse of what he was like and how we will remember him. 

Walker Williams

Founder of Leadership Global (formerly Leadership Africa USA. The Walker Williams Story: The man his life, his legacy.

Carlos Campbell

Words of gratitude in memory of Walker Williams from the Hon. Carlos Campbell, former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development with the US Department of Commerce.

Jeff Friday

Words of gratitude in memory of Walker Williams from Jeff Friday, the CEO of ABFF Ventures, LLC (ABFFV).

Sunanda Holmes

Words of gratitude in memory of Walker Williams from Sunanda Holmes, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for American University in Cairo.